La Bo Art.

Crafted with purpose, tradition and love. At La Boulangerie Artisan we support the slow food revolution, always baking with craft, time and passion. We believe in the purest artisan practice, where authentic baking creates real bread.

Salt. Flour. Water.

We use the very best simple ingredients: organic French flour, water and fine sea salt from Guérande. Our slow fermentation process has been perfected to achieve an irresistible bread experience, freshly made every day.

A time for tradition.

Bread is more than sustenance, for us it is a way of connecting with a centuries-old cultural French experience. The boulangerie is a meeting place, a daily, early morning ritual where friendships are formed, memories are created and taste buds are sated. In France, bread must be made available for the people, according to a centuries-old law, and we heartily agree.

Beyond bread.

Like all good boulangeries, we pride ourselves on a wide selection of pastries and sweet treats – from beautifully layered Pain Au Chocolat to our irresistible Moulin and Babka – there is something to tempt every taste bud.